The School Year is Here and Discovery Hill is Ready!

Discover Hill - flowers and a bench

What a peaceful place to enjoy nature.The native plants we planted at the Discovery Hill Learning Center last spring are really filling in and look beautiful–just in time for school!

Schoolyard habitat sign at Discovery Hill

Hundreds of schoolchildren will be using the outdoor classroom this year to learn their regular curriculum by observing nature. Hands-on learning and student-led investigation can lead to academic improvement and higher standardized test scores in reading, mathematics, science and problem solving. Plus it is fun! What a great way to learn.

schoolchildren writing notes of their field investigation

Curious about the plants pictured above or adapting the curriculum for outdoor learning? You can have your questions answered at the Open House on September 21st.


Reflections of an 8th Grader

Inspired by her schoolyard habitat at Garcia Middle School, an 8th grade student wrote the following poem:

 The Garden is Magical

The garden is magical in every which way,
Go there and release stress on any needed day.
The garden is magical go there and clear your mind,
Looking for peace the garden shall surely find.
The garden is magical a place for peace,
Once you get there your problems have seized.
The garden is magical, it’s a beautiful sight,
A place where you’ll actually enjoy the sunlight.

It is this type of inspiration that we hope to instill in every child through the Rock to Roots project. We are in full swing once again with our volunteer day. This past weekend, we began work on the trail system and also the raised beds that will be our future wildflower meadows and prairies.