Discovery Hill’s Open House Cancelled

It is always hard making this decision, but the Open House at the Discover Hill Learning Center this Saturday is cancelled as we expect heavy rains. It will likely be too messy to explore the habitat.

On the bright side, yay for rain! We hope to reschedule another Open House in the spring.

Stay tuned for other opportunities and updates!


Getting Kids Outdoors and Connecting with Nature

National Wildlife Federation has worked for decades to connect children and youth with nature, inspiring children through Ranger Rick magazine, working with educators to get kids learning outdoors through projects such as the new Discovery Hill habitat (a.k.a Rocks to Roots), and helping parents find new ways to engage their children outside. That’s why we loved this article for educators, “YOU CAN GET YOUR STUDENTS OUTSIDE — and Still Meet Your State Standards” recently posted on the Children & Nature Network.

The author provides cheap tips for educators (and parents) to help connect children with nature while increasing student’s achievement levels and decreasing behavior issues:

Is There a Window in Your Classroom?

If the answer is yes, you have an opportunity to invite the rich world of birding into your student’s lives. Once birds “find” the food source, you will have an inspiring way to discuss the changing seasons, patterns of migration, habitat, and the list will grow as your students find ways to use this fascinating new science tool to explore and understand their world.

The ideas in the article are easy to do and, in some cases, completely free.

You can also join NWF’s Be Out There campaign on Facebook to learn about other fun ideas! You will get family-friendly tips to motivate your family to spend time outdoors all year round. If you are having troubles getting your older kids to unplug, this insightful Forbes article may help.

Good luck with your first day of school and stay tuned for more information about Discovery Hill, Austin’s first demonstration schoolyard habitat!