Plant a Tree for Wildlife

This week National Wildlife Federation is celebrating National Wildlife Week by honoring the trees that provide crucial benefits to wildlife. NWF issued a challenge to youth across the country to participate in local tree plantings.

“This year, National Wildlife Federation is celebrating the 75th Anniversary of National Wildlife Week  by calling all students — pre-school through college — to make a difference for wildlife by planting trees. I am challenging youth of all ages to make a commitment to help wildlife and our planet by organizing a service project at their school or in their community to plant trees.”

This Saturday in Austin, we are celebrating National Wildlife Week by hosting a volunteer day to plant shrubs and understory in the demonstration wildlife habitat.

Wildlife Need Trees and Understory

Did you know…
Trees clean the air: Trees absorb odors and pollutants and filter our air through their leaves and bark — our own built-in air purification system!
Trees provide oxygen: Over the course of a year one acre of trees provides enough oxygen for 18 people.
Trees save water AND help keep our water clean: Trees help to both reduce runoff and help to filter groundwater and the water in our streams. Shade from trees helps slow water evaporation so you don’t need to water your lawn as much.
Trees are critical for wildlife: Trees provide many different species with food, cover and places to raise young and for some species are even their water source. Whether it is in the canopy or trunk or roots wildlife can be found both in living, dying and dead trees helping to keep our ecosystems balanced.

We hope you will take up the challenge and join us this Saturday at 8:30 am for more planting at the demonstration habitat at AISD’s Science and Health Resource Center!

Can’t make it to the planting this Saturday? A generous contribution to the Rocks to Roots project will assist in completing the installation of this amazing habitat.



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