The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plains..

Well, not in Texas folks–it is raining!!! This is the first real rain event we have had in Austin in several months, and it is reported we may get up to as much as 4 inches in places.

We are happy to see the rain, but sorry we will have to cancel our volunteer day scheduled for this Saturday, January 12th. We need to use the bobcat on site before the work we have lined up for volunteers can happen, and it is way too muddy to use the bobcat this week. Our next volunteer day is scheduled for Saturday, January 19th.

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer with the Rocks to Roots! project. The demonstration site will be used to train hundreds of teachers how to reach high academic standards while connecting children to nature and also a place for schools to learn how to effectively create a wildlife habitat that serves as an outdoor classroom on their campus. A red fox has already been spotted roaming the habitat and we hope more wildlife will appear as we add more features to the habitat.

In the meantime let’s be thankful for our gift of rain this week!



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