Season’s Greetings to you all from Rocks to Roots!


While we break from work on the habitat over the holidays, we at the National Wildlife Federation, pause to reflect on the tremendous commitment our volunteers have made this fall to the demonstration habitat and to give thanks.

On what used to be a barren slope, now resides a burgeoning forest which is already attracting birds who are taking shelter in the Eastern Red Cedar and foraging for the remaining  berries on the Flameleaf Sumac and Carolina Buckthorn. While providing this awesome habitat for wildlife and building the terraces, we have also solved a serious erosion problem at the Science and Health Resource Center. In the spring the terraces to the west of the forest will be the home to butterflies and humming birds as the thickets and flower meadows begin to take shape.

We wish everyone the very best for a joyful holiday season, and we look forward to seeing you all in January. In January we hope to  begin work on the trails and pathways that will help to guide children as they discover the wonders of nature!


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