Creating a Woodland for Wildlife

woodland-before-and-after12.9.2012 – The woodland at the southeast side of the building is really taking shape.

Once again with the help of a wonderful volunteer team which included a student from Murchison Middle School, we were able to finish our tree plantings yesterday.

Today we planted Wafer Ash, Texas Persimmon, Texas Mountain Laurel, Flameleaf Sumac, Mexican Plum, Eve’s Necklace, Escarpment Black Cherry, Carolina Buckthorn and a shrub called Rusty Blackhaw Viburnum.

This woodland will be a haven for butterflies as many of these tree species are great larval host plants and it will also provide great food and shelter for song birds.

Not quite as glamorous, but every bit as necessary, we also filled the rainwater garden with gravel  and it too is near completion!


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