Giving Thanks for Volunteers

11/21/2012 – There is a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving and the contributions our volunteers have made to the demonstration habitat project this fall is at the top of the list.

It has been such a joy working with each of the volunteers and the progress they have made is truly impressive.

volunteers-collageAfter the November 17th volunteer day, the terraces and splash zone are complete, many of the trees have been planted, and a good portion of the rain garden has been excavated. The tree species we planted were:

– Mexican Plum
– Eastern Red Cedar
– Mexican Buckeye
– Mexcan Redbud
– Texas Redbud
– Flameleaf Sumac
– Burr Oak
– Cedar Elm
– Southern Wax Myrtle

The 5th grade student team from Ridgetop Elementary School also joined us on November 17th. What an amazing addition these kids made to the day and our overall effort! I think the photo of them all standing in just one of the many holes they dug that day says it all! Way to go Rattlers!

Volunteer days will resume after Thanksgiving. Please mark your calendars now for December 8th weekend! The plan is to finish planting the trees and start work on the lower area of the habitat where the planting beds, trails and water garden will be. Please consider joining our great group of volunteers on December 8th–we could use a big turn out that day. Happy Thanksgiving!


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