Great Start for the Demonstration Habitat

Group in rain grdns10/21/2012 – Over fifteen volunteers came out on Saturday, October 20th, to help kick-start the schoolyard habitat demonstration project at AISD’s Science and Health Resource Center (SHRC).

From digging trenches through rock and old roots to loosening soil as hard as concrete there was nothing easy about what these volunteers did from a physical standpoint, but it was wonderful to see everyone stick it out as long as they did.

Volunteers dug out much of the trench for the splash zone which will help with erosion control along the south side of the building. They also began work on the rainwater garden which will help slow storm water run-off from the storm drain.

Their contribution will positively effect the education of thousands of students who will have the benefit of learning in the outdoors and connecting to nature on a daily basis. It was a great day that moved the project forward.

To our volunteers, we can’t thank you enough for the amazing work you accomplished. You all rock!


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